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The Mak'Tar  -  We are a group of mature sci-fi gamers. The Mak'Tar was founded in honor of the ...
Nierion Happy Birthday to our resident Douchecanoe, Vape! He's starting to get on a bit now, but the insults are still as creative as ever! Hope it was a good one buddy!
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VapeHey all make sure everyone wishes JJ aka Nierion the missing..... A happy birthday he was hatched 30 years ago today....
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Nierion   I'm less missing than most people lol - cheers asshole!
VapeHello all, Hope everyone had a good Christmas and has some plans for the new year. Sorry to all as I have been off and on and not doing much over the last 2 weeks. Its that time of year and will be back to normal in the new year. Everyone should be patching Star Citizen for the 3.0. Well look forward to see you all in the new year best wishes.
Fleet Admiral Vape.
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EntekSomeone can't read the message of the day...
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Nierion   Airlock Party Coming Soon! lol
Vape   yes who ever did it should fill it in for not reading..... well be back on sto after the new year. Also will be making it so only a few of us can add fleet projects. So this does not happen again.
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